President’s Statement

Welcome to the renovated website for Turtle Island Learning Circle. This site is, as its name indicates, is our main vehicle for public circulation of accurate, authentic, and interesting information regarding the indigenous populations of the Americas. We concentrate on the Indian nations located within the political boundaries of the United States and Canada. As you will find in reviewing our pages, we also offer programs and services which you may find helpful, in particular, our Moccasin Paths presentations, which are structured to fit your interests and needs.

We do not speak for anyone but ourselves, not even our own respective tribes and nations. We do endeavor to present information that we are convinced is correct and, where necessary, with required citations or contacts for further information on a particular subject.

We hope you will take time to explore the site, and we welcome inquiries, comments, or suggestions offered preferably through our email address.

Thank you for visiting Turtle Island Learning Circle.

– Adrienne Brant James, Turtle Clan, Mohawk