Indian Givers

Indian Givers: Our Contributions and Achievements

Whether labeled “Indian Givers” or “Native Roots,” past and continuing contributions and achievements of the original human inhabitants to the enrichment of the Americas are evident in many aspects of life. From food crops, which enabled the survival of early immigrants, through the skywalkers who built the bridges and high rises, traditional healers and medicine men and women, and models of democratic government previously unknown to immigrants, to the construction of cosmologically connected edifices which continue to amaze archeologists, engineers, and anthropologists, North American Indian intelligence, ingenuity, and respectful use of Nature’s bounty emerges to benefit all who come to these shores.

Most directly significant for Turtle Island Learning Circle, however, is the knowledge base and demonstrated traditions and practices which were recognized almost immediately by European invaders as having produced socially appropriate, happy, intelligent children who were respected and involved in all aspects of life. Our program and service emphasis is in this area, often called “child development” and “education.”

This section of our website will describe and document these gifts and contributions in specific historical and present-day perspectives, not only to recognize their importance but to point to current and future relevance of indigenous knowledge and experience to the challenges of 21st century life on Mother Earth.